UB's Institute for Research and Education on Women and Gender is collecting student work for publication in its new academic journal dedicated to undergraduate student research and creativity, called Speakeasy: an Undergraduate Journal of Research and Creative Art. We ask that you please consider sending out the following call for work to the students in your departments on behalf of the Gender Institute. If you have any questions or concerns, or have students who would be interested in publishing in or joining the staff of Speakeasy, please contact the managing editor, Marina Wright, at

Winter 2009 & Spring 2010

Speakeasy: An Undergraduate  Journal of Research and Creative Art is now accepting submissions. We are a staff of undergraduate students that is funded by the University at Buffalo Institute for Research and Education on Women and Gender (Gender Institute - IREWG), and our publication is dedicated to subjects pertaining to gender, sexuality and feminism in all its forms, from the academic to the creative.

The staff welcomes research papers, fiction prose and poetry, and visual art, as well as responses to previous issues. Our goal is to create an academically fueled dialogue for all students interested in gender and sexuality. Subject matter in our publication focuses on, but is not limited to, subjects explored in the feminist field.

Topics we have explored in the past: shaving etiquette, personal abortion stories both from those receiving the abortion and from health care providers, genital mutilation, gendered American politics, gendered bodies in literature, plastic surgery, architectural design of lesbian public spaces, and pick-up lines and catcalls.

The theme for our Winter Issue is biblical women and effects on modern culture.
The deadline for our Winter Issue is December 5th, 2009.

The theme we will be exploring in our Spring Issue is media and pop culture representations of gendered and transgendered people. The deadline for our Spring Issue is March 1st, 2010.

We also welcome for every Issue:
-Music, book, performance art, and movie reviews
-Personal accounts of gendered experiences (good or bad)
-Research and critical essays on literature, digital media, and creative art
-Drawings, Paintings, Sketches, Figure studies
-Responses to previous issues' articles

Please send any submissions to the staff of Speakeasy at mewright@buffalo.edu