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A university-wide research center funded by the Provost, the Gender Institute supports and promotes research and teaching related to women, gender, and sexuality. We offer fellowships, grants, and cosponsorships to faculty and students to encourage and support their research on women and on the intricate connections between gender and other social constructions, such as sexuality, race, class, health, age, nationality, religion, and nature. We also sponsor and cosponsor programs, including lectures, workshops, conferences, symposia, film screenings, and art exhibitions, to encourage interdisciplinary scholarship and artistic achievement.


We are pleased to announce our fall 2015 symposium:

Wonder Women and Super Men

Free to attend (except Jill Lepore's talk), registration requested by clicking here.


The Gender Institute is pleased to announce our
2015-16 Dissertation Fellow

Kristina Darling, English
"'An Imagist Turned Philosopher': Formal Innovation, Conscious Experience,
and the Self in Modernist Women's Poetry"


Darling's research explores the ways that early twentieth-century female writers (particularly Mina Loy, H.D., Gertrude Stein, and Marianne Moore) used form and technique to respond to the philosophical writings of their time, which included groundbreaking work by Sigmund Freud, Charles Saunders Peirce, and William James. Her dissertation will consider the use of seemingly small stylistic choices to reclaim agency over a predominantly male discourse, ultimately rendering these conversations more inclusive.


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